Music Monday: Yellowcard

Music has the ability to move you to a different place. It can get to your core, stir your emotions, and get you thinking. Picking songs to exercise to can make or break a workout. I am going to share with you two of my favorite songs to run to, both by Yellowcard. Both of [...]

Running for a Reason

Last night I was craving pizza pretty bad. Ellie and I go through our typical routine of trying to decide first what kind of pizza. Then we try and figure out where to order from. Usually by the end of this process, we have Lean Cuisine in the microwave. Last night, however, we successfully managed to [...]

The Power of Groups

Yesterday we posted our results after three weeks of working on this blog. So far, I think Brian and I are pretty happy with the results. I feel like we are making steady progress and starting to get into the grove of it a little bit more. I still have trouble with motivation from time [...]

Weigh-In Wednesday #3!

The results are in, So lets see what it looks like! To summarize, we both ran 10k this week! My goal is to steadily increase that to 20k. To cap the weight loss, I went from 232.2 to 229.8, while Brian went from 181 to 177. Progress on all fronts! I want to ask our [...]

Fragility of Life

Yesterday was a tough day. Canisius lost one of their best educators and quite possibly their best faculty member. Dr. Justine Price passed away very suddenly yesterday. Dr. Price was Ellie’s advisor, her guide through college, and her friend. She was young. There really is no explanation of why things like this can happen in [...]

Weight Flux

I've gotten into a bad habit. I find myself jumping on the scale every morning, which isn't really an issue. The problem is I also jump on the scale every night, too, after a full day of eating. I'll tell you there is nothing more depressing then getting on the scale at night and feeling [...]

Food Friday #2: Pseudo-vegetarianism

Lately I've been eating meat less and less and, generally speaking, have been feeling a lot better. Ellie is 100 percent vegetarian, so it isn't much of a change in our lives. For the most part, we don't ever have meat in the house anyway (except for training Audrey; she loves chicken). The only time [...]

A Bioinformatical Approach to Fitness

Some of you may know that I double as a Bioinformatics Support Specialist during the day. The most common reaction to this is, "Informatics what?" So, first, I want to define what it is I do and then explain how I utilize these skills and apply it to fitness. So! What is "Bioinformatics" exactly? For [...]

Weigh-In Wednesday #2!

The results from our first Wednesday to Wednesday are in. Please note the KM will be adjusted next week for any runs preformed today. So, to interpret this, Jon's weight is in the blue, going from 235.4 to 232.2. Dollard's weight is in the red and went from 180 to slightly higher at 181. We [...]

Tech Tuesday #2: CardioTrainer + Noom

So, during my rainy night run, I toasted my Nike+. . . thus, we have a new Tech Tuesday post! Now, to say up front, I am not promoting the use of Smartphones, I think they are a waste of money. BUT! If you so happen to own one, like myself, I highly recommend trying [...]

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