2FNs went on our first trail run this past Saturday, and I think it is safe to say we have a new favorite way to exercise. I've never had that much fun running in my life. Brian, myself, and Ellie headed up to Thatcher Park outside of Albany and hit the trail around the rim of the cliffs. Although we didn't run the actual Indian Ladder Trail (it was super busy), where we ran was a lot of fun. We started at the overlook and ran for a good while around the cliffs until we were cleanly on the other side, able to look back all the way across.

We were all in our VFF's . . . it must have been pretty amusing to watch us . . .  all of the city slickers were out in the country for the holiday weekend. It was awesome. With each step, you could feel the ground beneath you. Instead of running, it was more like bouncing along from rock to rock down the trail, avoiding pits of mud, tree roots, sharp stones, 
and the occasional flying bird (at least that's what it felt like when it hit me in the head). It completely took your focus away from breathing, from running up hill, from not really knowing where we were. We didn't go too far and push too much because we are all still getting accustomed to the new style of running, but we still logged 2.58km pretty quickly, and I know we could all have gone more had we pushed up the cliffs farther instead of doubling back to meet up with my parents, Adrienne, and Audrey. With no music playing, we were all able to talk a little bit through our heavy breathing, which made it a good group experience.

The thing that I really loved was being out in fresh air, not worrying about criss-crossing cement streets and having to stop mid-stride to let a car pass. We just ran down the paths at what seemed like a pretty good clip. There was no real need for directionor choice. Just straight down the path to wherever it was headed. It really didn't matter where.

The only real problem from that run? I want more of it. I am dying to find a place like that in Buffalo that I haven't explored and can just run down the trails not worrying about where I'll end up. Delaware Park has some small trails but nothing quite like Thatcher. Nothing that far detached from city running, which I am starting to dislike more and more every day. I've heard of a place a bit south of the city that I wanted to explore . . . and now I think I've found the motivation to make it happen.