Yesterday we posted our results after three weeks of working on this blog. So far, I think Brian and I are pretty happy with the results. I feel like we are making steady progress and starting to get into the grove of it a little bit more. I still have trouble with motivation from time to time to get out and run, but I've been consistently getting out three times a week. Hopefully I can up the ante a little bit and bring that up to four or five.

I think one of the things that has really helped us is the amount of accountability we feel toward making progress, now that we have a few consistent readers. It may not be many people, but the small group of followers we do have really help push us to want to continue. Having a support group, regardless of the activity, really helps people succeed in their goals. Alcoholics Anonymous, Weight Watchers, Bills Backers . . . regardless of the reason, people coming together allow us to do more than we could alone. It is said that Weight Watchers is one of the most successful tools for people to actually lose weight, and keep the weight off. I would bet a bit of money that the diet and fitness plan is part of the solution, but the community of people all working toward a common goal is the essential component of the plan. It is why home dieting is really difficult, compared to plans like Metafast where you need to meet with a councilor once a week.

Our goals are clearly in front of us, and with the support, I feel like we can accomplish them. If anyone of you wants to be held accountable, let us know. We would love to add you to our tracking list. The more people the better!