Last night I was craving pizza pretty bad. Ellie and I go through our typical routine of trying to decide first what kind of pizza. Then we try and figure out where to order from. Usually by the end of this process, we have Lean Cuisine in the microwave. Last night, however, we successfully managed to agree to pick up a frozen Wegmans Italian tomato pizza, which, by the way, is friggen delicious.

I was also really craving to go for a run. Wegmans is just a little bit more than one mile away from our apartment, so I figured I would just run over and pick it up. And that is exactly what I did. As Mark over at Staufenrunning pointed out in one of his earlier posts, running a "One-Way Trip"  is fantastic. There was a reason for my run, a goal.

I have to admit, walking through Wegmans in my running gear probably attracted some strange looks.  It bothered me, but then I had a realization: Why the hell do I care? I am already married, so I really don't have anyone to impress.

It was pretty awesome knowing that I burned more calories on my run to pick up dinner, than I actually consumed during dinner. It makes me want to run to and from Wegmans every time I need to pick something up quick. The only real downside was that I didn't take a backpack, I took a reusable cloth shopping bag. It was incredibly awkward on the way home, and extremely draining. I never appreciated just how easily it was to have your form thrown out of whack with just a few pounds in one hand. Next time I'll bring something to strap onto my back for sure.

I wont venture to say I felt like a hunter and gatherer chasing down my prey, but I will say that there was definitely some satisfaction knowing that I worked just a little bit harder than normal to put food on the table. It is a pretty good feeling.