Music has the ability to move you to a different place. It can get to your core, stir your emotions, and get you thinking. Picking songs to exercise to can make or break a workout. I am going to share with you two of my favorite songs to run to, both by Yellowcard. Both of these songs are typically on all of my workout mixes. They get me to a different place.

First up on my list, the song that usually is fairly early on in my playlists: "Believe."

Believe was written as a tribute to the heroes of 9/11. For me, it picks me up during the run with its fast pace and deep message. If you really listen to the music, it completely removes you from what you are doing, it transports you away from your run, from your own struggle.

Second on my list by the same artist: "View from heaven."

For me, I think there is something about the use of different instruments, such as the violin, to give another layer to a pop-ish sounding track. I need depth to songs, something to make me go, "Wow, that's pretty good stuff."

It is important to figure out what songs can really make you go beyond just singing them to make you go to a next level of consciousness where you are completely zoned out, to let your body breathe on its own, to ignore the cramps in your sides and legs. These two songs help me get there, and I have plenty more I plan to share. Not everyone is affected by the same types of music. What works for you guys? Is there a certain song that gets you through?