Weigh-in Wednesday #8

Well, here we are again, another Wednesday. Not just any ordinary Wednesday though, it is the day following one of our biggest eating days of the year. There was all the traditional fixings as well as three kinds of pie and a chocolate cherry pake. Oh boy! Here are the results!   And here are the distances! [...]

Why Spotify won’t replace Pandora any time soon

Spotify is an up and coming music player that relies on a combination of peer-to-peer sharing and server hosting to deliver the users choice in music, quickly. It's power lies in the fact that the user can specify what he or she listens to, as opposed to Pandora Radio, which allows the user to listen [...]

Struggling with an Addiction

Wikipedia characterizes an Addictive Personality as an individual who is predisposed to addictions. There are all sorts of addictions in life, and the general feeling is that any addiction, regardless of what it is, is generally harmful. Fortunately I am not susceptible to some of the more dangerous vices, such as drugs and alcohol. Instead, I struggle [...]

Weigh-in Wednesday #7

Hello All. The moment you've all been waiting for since last week at this time is finally here. Here are the results!   And here are the distances! Mike takes the prize this week, edging me out during last nights run. I'll get you next week. 2FNs will be taking a short break for the holiday, [...]

The 5k Route

This past saturday Ellie and I headed out to examine the 5k route we will be running during the Reindeer Run. Lets just say, it was a little more difficult than I remember, and a bit more difficult than the normal routes I run during the week. It starts on Main Street near Canisius College. [...]

Music Monday

It is Monday, and I have uncovered musical gold. Watch the video, or simply put it in your headphones and let the music wash over you. I've been listening to this music for the past week while I program, and while I play games. It is fantastic! Enjoy. http://www.npr.org/templates/event/embeddedVideo.php?storyId=142242654 Make sure to submit your runs [...]

I’ll Check You If You Check Me!

I just wanted to make a quick post today about one possible danger of trail running and the dangers of ticks. It is pretty relevant today because last month my dog picked up a tick, and today she tested positive for Lyme disease. If you do go out and run trails, please make sure to [...]

Running Unleashed: An Explosion of Creativity

There is something about exercise that has unlocked in me a desire to learn and create. I find myself at work programming more and more with languages I haven't used before. I've started to get further and further into Linux scripting to do things I would have normally written a quick Perl or Java script [...]

Weigh-In Wednesday #6

This week was pretty great! We have two new people reporting in their runs using our submission system. I highly encourage people to submit their exercise! So . . . here are the graphs! To recap the above graph, a total net loss of 3.8 lbs for the 2FNs crew this week. Bringing [...]

Game On!

It is official, I am registered and paid for my first official 5k race. On December 3rd, Ellie and I will be taking part in the Medaille College Reindeer Run! When I first registered, I was pretty nervous about the whole thing. I've never run in an organized event before. For me, running has always [...]

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