So, today I wanted to talk about getting into a funk and attempting to get out of it.  This post topic feels especially appropriate because I have not run in over a week and apparently have not made a post of my own in 3 whole weeks!  Also, here is Parliament Funkadelic’s “Give up the Funk” because it’s Music Monday!

So for the past few weeks I have been in a serious funk and not just with running.  Whether it was midterms, struggling to find the motivation to run, or the release of my new favorite game (Battlefield 3) that got me into a rut, they all seemed to help keep my brain on anything other than writing and running.  Occasionally it feels great to take a break from your responsibilities and it is much easier to do so, but, as a friend of mine likes to tell me regularly, “I never said it would be easy, I said it would be worth it.”   So, with a mix of shame from the big goose egg on our running graph and guilt from leaving Jon writing a post every day for 3 weeks, I have broken the writing funk and later today I will be go for a  run!

It is everyone’s least favorite day of the week, so sit back, enjoy some P-funk, and avoid falling into a rut anyway that you can.  If you need a day off from something take it, but make sure that on the next day or time you have scheduled for your activity you are back out there keeping up the good work.  This also goes for any of you have ever suffered from an injury that has kept you from running. Get back out there forming those good habits as soon as you are healthy enough.  So, if any of you have been putting off running... Let's get pumped and let's do this!