This past weekend we hit the road for a family friend's wedding, and a day off on Cape Cod! I'll skip talking about how much of a struggle it was trying to eat and drink healthy because I've hit that in the past. Instead, I wanted to comment on how stupid difficult it was to run on the beach.

Yesterday my parents and Ellie and I walked over to Cape Cod Bay from where we were staying (less than one-half mile). It was gorgeous out and we wanted to get some exercise in to help burn off the party weekend we just endured. Ellie and I strapped on our Vibrams and were all set to go. We walked through the woods and come out over a sand dune right at the bay. Very beautiful, though a bit windy. My mom took the lead and started running right away, she went straight into the flats of the bay because it was low tide. The sand is much more compact there, so its easier to run on. Because I kept my Vibrams on, I stayed up in the looser stuff. This proved to be a horribly stupid decision. I felt like I was expending more energy than I've ever expended running, and I got nowhere. On top of that, I was feeling pretty under the weather, I think because of the amount of crap food that I ate all weekend. Let's just say, I didn't make it too far. My mom and Ellie continued to move, running about in the shallow water and having a good time, so it was a good experience.

If you want a serious workout and have a beach readily available, try it out. It will beat you down so quick it is not even funny.

I am pretty happy overall about the weekend as a whole. I got two runs in  on Saturday and Sunday, both pretty early in the morning. They cleared my conscience a bit so I could enjoy the rest of the day's festivities. I still tried to be careful, so I am hoping to see some success this week at tomorrow's weigh-in, but . . . honestly, if I stay around even, I think it will be a major accomplishment. Until tomorrow!