That's right, it is Wednesday! Everyone's new favorite day of the week. This past week was quite busy, and we didn't quite get the distance we wanted to, but hey, we still got out! Here are the results:

To sum up, Jon managed to drop 0.6 lbs, which is a miracle after being on vacation for four days and drinking and eating all over Boston. Dollard put up a solid loss of 2.6 pounds, which leads me to believe last weeks slight increase was just normal fluctuation. Overall, awesome!

We added a new Submissions section to 2FNs. If you want to submit your weight and workouts and have them charted with us, let us know and submit your information! Feel free to use an alias so your true identity isn't known. The only people who can see the raw data is myself (Jon) and I abide by strict HIPAA rules.

Thanks for checking in!