It is official, I am registered and paid for my first official 5k race. On December 3rd, Ellie and I will be taking part in the Medaille College Reindeer Run!

When I first registered, I was pretty nervous about the whole thing. I've never run in an organized event before. For me, running has always been a pretty solo exercise, though occasionally I'd go with friends or, more often, with Ellie. I'm a little nervous that I'll be pushed too fast too soon by the crowd, or that I'll do something wrong, look silly, or fail somehow. I don't think I was trying to psych myself out, but I was for sure flooded with a sense of dread. Then, as the days passed, I started getting more and more excited about it. It will give me the confidence to do more, to take the plunge into the running scene and try out more events. It kind of showed me that in order to really get into this, you just have to sign up and pay. The entry fee alone will surely keep me from backing out.

I am starting to really looking forward to this event because it is in a way on my home turf. It begins where I used to start all my runs during college, and the loop it takes is pretty close to one I used to run all the time. I felt like this would be a great starter race because of how close it is to home. I can train on the same path every Saturday from now until race day, just with a quick walk from home. There is nothing foreign about it. It is in my city, my parks, my streets.

If anyone wants to come out for the weekend, feel free! There is a Bills game the following day, and I'm sure some chicken wings could be in order. (Yes, I know I'm  a pseudo-vegetarian, but hey it's my first 5k!)

On a side housekeeping note, for all of you who have been running, feel free to report it as they are due by tonight so I can get the graphs and tracking in order for tomorrow's weigh-in. I know a few people have been talking about getting involved, so get going and do it!

Route for the Medaille Reindeer Run