This week was pretty great! We have two new people reporting in their runs using our submission system. I highly encourage people to submit their exercise! So . . . here are the graphs!

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To recap the above graph, a total net loss of 3.8 lbs for the 2FNs crew this week. Bringing our total weight loss to 17.4 lbs in 6 weeks. Not too shabby. Now, on to the distances!

This week brings the addition of Mike and Ellie to the mix, each putting down a very respectable first week of tracking. On a side note, throwing down that 10k run the first day of the tracking period really, really helped my stats this week. It took the pressure off and let me enjoy the week!

Thanks for stopping in, please submit your workouts for tracking. Get some accountability---free of charge! Keep up the good work guys; progress all around.