So, tomorrow is the big day, and I have to admit I am fairly nervous. I think it is pretty common to feel a little uneasy about something you've never done before, but knowing that doesn't really give me that much comfort. I took it very easy this week, let my body rest up  and I feel good. I am planning on doing a quick 2.5 miles home from work today to just get a little workout in, but nothing more than that. I want to be good to go for tomorrow, rain or shine... or more likely snow.

I'm not overly concerned with my finish time, as I know I should be somewhere in the middle of the pack with approx a 30 minute time. Instead,  I think I am more concerned of doing something wrong, impeding someone else who is going for gold, or some other silly thing that I haven't dreamt up yet. I am a little concerned with the route, though I am feeling much better about it after the second time we ran it and finished much more easily than the first.

Really though, I think I am just nervous because I am testing myself in front of a bunch of people. I am wearing silly shoes that hardly anyone else will be wearing, and I'm still not in the shape I want to be in, nor look much like a runner.

That all said, I know it will be ok. Ellie will be right there with me plowing through the course and running in our silly shoes together, and just having that is enough to make me good to go for tomorrow.

Check back on Monday for a full race recap!