Hello 2FNS community! I am the latest fat nerd to join the movement. I love what Jon and Dollard started, and it inspired me to start running again. I ran pretty frequently two years ago, logging 5k runs three times a week. However, after getting into good shape I let myself become content and didn't follow through. I gave up running, and then gained some of the weight back that I fought so hard to drop. This is not something I'm proud of, and I'm glad to have the opportunity to give it another shot now! I'm extremely self-conscious about my exercise activities, but I'm going to share some of my routine with 2FNS partly for accountability and also to contribute to the source of my inspiration.

Today was my third run since starting. My first jaunt into the world of fitness was a painful experience. I ran about 1/2 mile before my lungs gave out, and I had to walk back to the apartment. I was a bit discouraged after my first run, but my second run was much better. A little more focus on even breathing let me extend my distance to 1.5 miles before I checked my pace down to a walk to cool off on the way home. Tonight, I'm proud to say I finished a 3 mile run. It wasn't a fast run; in fact it was downright slow, but it felt good to run the entire distance. My body has fallen back into the routine of cardio surprisingly well. I think having the other posts to read is great motivation to push up that last hill when you would otherwise quit.

This won't be a long post, as I'm just feeling out this exercise blog idea. I wanted to end by asking a few questions.

1. Can you describe your running experience in one word?

For me, it's perseverance. It's so tempting for me to stop. Every step I fight the urge to take a breather. Conquering the mental aspect of running is much more difficult than the physical exhaustion that inevitably results from a long run.

2. Are you an aggressive runner or a meditative runner?

I used to be an aggressive runner. I would blast All That Remains, Bullet For My Valentine, or Atreyu and constantly push myself to go faster. Now I prefer no music at all. I try to clear my head of everything and just focus on my breathing and strides. Life is so fast as it is. Running is my sanctuary in a day full of chaos.

That's all for this week. Keep running, and don't get discouraged. Every step is an improvement.

Best wishes,