Today is double-special as it is a weigh-in day, as well as our 50th post!!!

It is that time of week again! This week is pretty exciting as we have added a few new people to our team! As always, anyone and everyone is encouraged to submit their workouts via our submissions section. Here are the results!

2FNS Weight*:

2FNS Cardio Distances*:

I wanted to also thank everyone for their ongoing support. Over the past couple weeks, I've been getting enormous amounts of positive feedback, and it's been amazing to read. With more people asking about how to get involved, I wanted to take a quick second to talk about what exactly I am looking for this blog to become.

The Purpose of 2FNS

Here at 2FNS, we want to encourage healthy choices and active lifestyle in those that have otherwise felt that they couldn't accomplish their goals. We want to help people realize that their goals are attainable and to demonstrate that it is attainable by being a positive example by doing it in our own lives. 2FNS wants to encourage people who have made excuses, like waiting for the holidays to be over, or waiting for a major event to slim down, to take charge in the present. We want to provide a community where people can submit their thoughts and experiences for others to read and contemplate and hopefully learn lessons that can be put to use in their own lives.

How to Get involved

Getting involved can be as simple as just putting on your shoes (or taking them off!) and heading out the door. There are no gym membership requirements, no distance or time or progress reports. It is simply just about doing it.

We love to hear how you are doing and watch the progress that you make. Posting your workouts can give you a sense of accomplishment, a sense of accountability, that so many of us need in our daily lives to follow through on our goals.

So, to get involved all you need to do is go out and do it! If you want to submit your data, there is a submissions section on the website where you fill out a quick form. Data is posted weekly, every Wednesday around 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time, so we do ask that all data is submitted prior to that deadline.

For those of you who want your actual weights tracked, please let me know. For now I have abstained from posting these as it can be a sensitive topic.

How We Track

Here at 2FNS we track Wednesday to Wednesday. To explain, today (Wednesday, December 7th) is the official start of this week. All workouts between today, the 7th, and Tuesday, the 13th, will be combined for your weekly total next week. The reason we do this is because it is very easy to have an off weekend, and there is nothing worse than having no time to recover if all the results are due Monday morning. Thus, we are on the Wednesday-to-Wednesday schedule to help soften those tough party weekends we all have.

*As more results come in throughout the day I will be updating the graphs periodically. (Normally I try to wait but there is a work holiday party today!)