Hello All, I wanted to share with you some thoughts that I have been thinking about in regards to 2FNS. Recently, I decided that it would be super cool that if the workouts you submit for tracking could actually be viewable in graphical form in real-time by you, and other members of the 2FNS community. As you submit, data you can log into your user portal and have an overview of all of the information we keep, like distances, times, weight etc.

To show you a diagram of a sample page I am currently drafting:

This image shows what could be a main "reviewing section" where your weight and runs are charted for your personal view. I haven't created any drafts of how I would integrate all of the data yet, but before I sink a ton of work into this project, I just wanted to get some feedback from readers. Would this be something you guys are interested in being able to do? Would it be cool to be able to load up data and view it, or is this too much and I should just stick to talking about my personal experiences and not worry about it.

So, what do you guys think? It wouldn't be an incredible amount of work, but it would give me a large hobby project to work on. I just don't want to do something people aren't interested in using at all.

Have a good weekend, get some runs in!