Last night I worked up the courage to head out and get a good run in. Before I left, I asked Ellie how far I should go and she smirked and said 7k! Oh boy, here we go. I haven't run in four days and she wants me to do 7k . . . Instead I did 8.

It felt good to get back on track, to get a solid run out. I'll admit though, my left Achilles has some serious soreness. Hopefully stretching it today will freshen it up for a short run tomorrow. Either way, I am happy I braved the cold and got back into it. I've felt paranoid that I was letting it slip away, and it has only been four days. I guess I am nervous about failing and undoing what I've accomplished so far.

I don't know if that is good motivation, but it is motivation. I don't want to say I have had a lack of drive this past week, but a little bit of the edge has certainly not been there. It has been pretty chilly at night, but that is just an excuse.

Time to renew my efforts and make the final couple weeks of my christmas push. I  am looking forward into settling into my good habits for this coming new year. Go for broke anyone?