Just a short post today, but so extremely important.

Picking the right veggie burger is a make or break experience, and here is why. So many people can't understand how people eat those imitation burgers, the tofurkey, the other "burger-like" substitutes. I am right there with them. There is no substitute for a nice, juicy slab of beef.

The key is this: Don't expect a veggie burger to be a burger at all. You are better off not even trying, and going in with the mindset that you aren't having a burger. Instead, pick up a delicious black bean patty, and treat it like a black bean patty.

Why does this make sense? You will never be able to recreate the texture, the taste, the flavor of a burger. Trying to just sets you up for disappointment.

So with this information, 2FNS is proud to endorse Morning Star Farms, Spicy Black Bean Burgers

These are lower calorie, but still high in flavor. They don't come close to tasting like real beef, but they don't try.

2FNS looks forward to our sponsorship kickbacks.  Happy weekend!