It is time to finish up our shopping, our baking, our wrapping, which leaves little time to do anything else. It is far too easy to push exercise and health to the back burner when everything gets crazy, but it is so, so important to just take a step back. Take a half hour and go for a jog and just relax. Not only will it burn off those cookies, it will also do something 100% more important. It will de-stress you.

When things get crazy, burning off some of the frantic energy can be very therapeutic. Maybe you have family over with little kids running around, or your siblings and their spouses and friends, whatever the case, take time to treat yourself to a bit of a break. You can even offer the chance to go for a run, and I guarantee there wont be any takers. It will clear your head, and make you feel better. It will make you more at peace, and less easily annoyed by the annoying chewer down the table.

Give yourself a good present this year, a quick jog around the block. Let me know if you do, and how it makes you feel the rest of the day.

Enjoy the holidays everyone, drive safe and smart. Don't tailgate, or text or talk on the phone. Speeding doesn't save you any time in the city, always remember that. Lets have everyone come back and ready to run in one piece aight?

Today is the last post until Tuesday December 27th, as I will be travelling a great deal for the holidays! Good luck, I look forward to hearing about all the phat l00t you guys get!