I've been reading a couple of other bloggers posts recently, and I stumbled upon a great idea. Amy at Lavender Parking posted her bucket list for 2012 after reading about Lesley's own list, and I think it's a great idea. Ellie and I sat down this evening and talked about what we wanted to do, so without further delay, here is our list for 2012!

  1. Go to California together (San Diego, 3/4/2012-3/12/2012)
  2. Lose an additional 20 pounds (Jon only! Required 194.6 lbs)(Down to below 190!)
  3. Complete our first half-marathon together (Boston Half Marathon October 7th)
  4. Drink some quality whiskey (and like it!)
  5. Take Audrey to the Dog Park regularly
  6. Finish making curtains for our apartment
  7. Skate on the canals in Ottawa, Canada
  8. Read 10 books for pure pleasure (Eat & Run, First 20 Minutes)
  9. Make an awesome Cherry Wheat homebrew
  10. Go to 5 free summer concerts and events (St. Patricks Day, Boomdays, Light Up The AK, Elmwood Art Fest, )
  11. Master cooking with Tofu, and other vegetarian dishes
  12. Repaint the dining room
  13. Take the GRE's and apply to grad school
  14. Restart guitar lessons
  15. Take Audrey to swim lessons
  16. Expand 2FNs to include more crazy adventures and people (We've grown quite a lot!)
  17. Spend time out on Cape Cod in the ocean (August 2012)
  18. Run segments of the Erie Canal and document the trip
  19. Learn PHP Programming (Not a pro, but pretty good at it!)
  20. Fly somewhere randomly just for the weekend

There it is! This is what we want to accomplish for the coming year. Some of them may seem pretty ordinary, but they are all things we really want to accomplish, especially the last one. It has always been a small dream of ours to just pick up and fly somewhere without planning, so hopefully this coming year will be the year to do it. See you all in the new year, be safe tonight and this weekend! Thanks Amy and Lesley for the idea!