Food Logs: The keys to making them work

Last night Jon asked me if I was going to be putting big numbers up this Wednesday. I couldn't evade the question fast enough. I still haven't gotten into a routine where you could describe my gym-going as anything but sporadic and I'm still on an "eat-all-things" diet. I've been trying to eat a lot healthier when I'm at home, but [...]

2FNS, now with slightly less wordpress!

In my attempts to be more legal, I registered 2FNs as a domain! You can now get to us by simply! With the addition of the online web submissions stuff, I wanted to clean up our URL's and make it easier to get to other features that I want to build for the site... [...]

Wet Snow: When I Hit the Winter Wall.

This past Saturday I was inspired by my sister's post about the weekend warriors who make it a point to get out and exercise on the weekends. I decided that I was going to do the same, even though it was snowing pretty good out. I got all my running gear on, strapped on my Vibrams, [...]

Saturdays are for exercising too

I don't work nine to five, Monday through Friday. I work concierge at a day spa, and while there are a lot of awesome perks to my job (see also free massage), working at 7:30 on Saturday morning doesn't always feel like one. Getting up at 5:30 when it appears that everyone else in the [...]

Give a Little, Get a Lot.

For the past couple of nights Ellie and I have been taking Audrey out for an evening run. Two nights in a row we made the poor thing jog a 2-kilometer circle around the neighborhood. Audrey has seemed to absolutely love it, and when she gets home, she falls asleep right away. Last night, Ellie [...]

Finding a gym: for when the snow is falling

I’ve been trying hard to get into running. Everyone seems to think it’s awesome and it’s the best exercise to really burn fat and lose weight. I’ve been having some trouble finding a way to fit the runs into my schedule because of a few reasons. I work different hours each day, either in the [...]

Weigh-In Wednesday Season 2: Week 3

Another Wednesday, another Weigh-in! New Online Portal: 2FNs Workout Portal! I've been working on getting a little bit of a Workout Portal up and running and it is now online with basic functionality. I encourage everyone to sign up and use it, and please give me feedback. I plan on implementing quite a lot of features, [...]

Ellie’s Perspective: Toning Frustrations

Todays post comes from my wife, Ellie, who wanted to talk about her recent experiences and frustrations. For those of you who don't know Ellie, she loves going to the gym for a couple of hours at a time and really working hard to burn calories. Due to her small frame and size she has [...]

Where the Sidewalk Ends: Does Anyone Shovel Anymore?

There is a place where the sidewalk ends And before the street begins, And there the grass grows soft and white -Shel Silverstein Last night I found where the sidewalk ends . . . or, really, where the city-owned sidewalk begins. There was a pretty stark contrast between stretches of private property and the long [...]

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