Welp! The holidays are officially over, and this is what I consider to be the last weigh in that _should_ be effected by the holidays. Next week, I expect big numbers and tons of new people!



Overall, I am pretty happy with how many people got out and ran this past week. I myself have been pretty bummed, but the antibiotics I am on will be done in a few days and I hopefully will bounce back well.

Next week I plan on refreshing the graphs a little bit and work on a new format that will be a little bit more clear. In addition, I plan on working out the details of a friendly little competition with Mark at StaufenRunning and hopefully will start that with all runs starting today. So, throw down some big runs this week . . . ! More details to come tomorrow!

On a side note, I didn't get everything that I wanted done with the new personal tracking systems, but I promise to get that portion up and running soon.

Heres the map!