It is time to finally announce The Challenge. Over the holidays I met up with Mark at StaufenRunning, and we thought up this grand idea to start getting him involved with 2FNs. Mark is an every-day runner, averaging a ridiculous amount of miles per week.

The Plan

2FNS vs. Mark

Basically, each week at weigh-in time, we at 2FNs collectively will aim to try and run MORE than Mark does in the same stretch of time. This might seem like kind of a joke, but looking at our average mileage, we will still be significantly short unless we start pushing more and doing it consistently with everyone on board.


Sometimes a little bit of friendly competition is fun, plus it is easier to get motivated when you know if you run that extra kilometer, there is that added bonus of pushing the group over the edge.

In addition to that, it will help encourage both us and Mark to increase distances over the course of time.

How It Works

2FNs members will report the same as always, once a week on Tuesday night (or Wednesday morning at the latest). These will be tracked the same as usual and added up. I will also get Mark's distance for the week, then I will graph and compare the two. I think we will look at the results from week to week, with the goal of seeing who runs more in the month of January.


Obviously if our membership continues to grow we will have to introduce some sort of balancing mechanism, or even perhaps split up into more teams . . . but that is for a later discussion.

So with that, let's get cracking! This is the first official week, so let's go!

Oh, and I would love to see some attempts at trash talk in the comment thread of this post . . . because I think it would amuse me.