This past weekend was a busy one. I had several friends from all over the state and as far away as Washington, DC, fly in for some solid nerd festivities. With a ton of gaming from Thursday to Sunday, I knew I would need a serious workout to recharge my body a bit. There are only so many hours I can sit relatively inactive without feeling pretty crappy.

Fortunately, I was able to convince a couple of my friends to head out and brave the chilly temperatures. On Friday I was able to get a decent run in with my pal Tim, ending up with around four miles. Not bad for my first run after being sick for nine days. I may have pushed it a little too hard, but I still felt great afterward.

The following day I had the pleasure of going for a larger group run, with Ellie, Brian, and our friend Kory. We did a great 5k in the evening before going out to the bars, which removed any guilt that I had for not being healthy that day.

During my run Friday evening, I was thinking a lot of this blog, and some ideas I've been having about what I want to talk about. I feel like it's a struggle sometimes to produce articles worth reading, that aren't just, "Hey, I went running tonight and I'm getting skinny!". . . I mean, overall that is the point of the blog, but I feel like it gets a little monotonous.

Mid-stride, I looked up and realized I had run a different route in the city that I don't normally run. I had meandered across a pedestrian bridge and ended up on the other side of Delaware Park. When I looked up, though, an idea for a new section of posts hit me, literally. A view from my smartphone:

A view of Buffalo State from across Hoyt Lake

Now, my smartphone might not take the best pictures at night, but I think for me the inspiration that came from just a beautiful view that I was blatantly not expecting to see was enough to warrant me posting it. It occurred to me that I often stumble into beautiful views or situations that I want to start documenting with my phone camera mid-stride during my runs. If it is enough to stop me, I think it's worth taking a picture. I often run though festivals, farmers markets, and park-side concerts. I am going to take the time and stop and document it.

One of the reasons I love running outside and can't stand treadmills is the missed opportunity to see the city in a different light, from a different angle. When you are driving, you only see the surface. There is little interaction with the soul of the city. Running has helped me get in touch with that.

Thanks, everyone, for this past weekend, it was an absolute blast and I am so stoked we got a great couple runs in.