Hey everybody! As you may have noticed, this is the first weigh-in of the new season! I decided after talking with several people to reset some of the graphs now that more and more people are consistently logging. So with that, the first full weigh-in of 2012 will start Season 2! The only graph we will continue to extend is our weight-loss graph, as that is only a few brave individuals and because it is very helpful to see long-term trends in weight loss. However, the axis have been altered to now show the year, and then the week. For instance, the last week of Season 1 is labeled 2011 - 13. Please post any comments you have with any questions. I do fully intend on rolling out a complete overhaul of the tracking system, but it is just not there yet . . . sorry. =(

So, without further delay, here are the results from the first week of season 2!


This week, two new brave souls have added themselves to our weight tracking! I am excited to see how it will help motivate them like it has motivated me to eat healthier all week knowing that my weight will be on display for the whole world to see. (Or the ten of you who read this blog!)


Huge distances from everyone this week—I am very impressed! Keep it up!

The Challenge

So, this past week we formally declared a Challenge between 2FNs and Mark over at StaufenRunning. Here are the results from the first week!

2FNs pulled out a surprising victory at the last second, helped greatly by the newest addition to our roster, Amy! Though I couldn't help but notice the fact that even without our ringer, we would have just barely been edged out. I am extremely impressed by Mark's 80 kilometers. That is a ridiculous number for one person to throw down in a single week. I feel like we may have to add some kind of modifier because 10 on 1 is a little harsh, though Mark has shown that it is possible! Great job overall, everyone. This got us an extra 185 km to add to our map.


By adding the 185 km from this week, we blew past my parents and Brian in Albany, and we are well on our way toward Boston, the next stop  on our journey. If you haven't noticed yet, we are stopping in each of the locations people from the 2FNs crew live. My plan is to hit Boston, stop for coffee with Mark in NYC, then head on down to Washington, DC, to see Kory. When we finish that, we will start trekking out west to see our West Coast members!

We covered some serious distance. I think we will be able to get out of the North East fairly soon and head on our voyage around the U.S.A!