So, hello:

My name is Adrienne. I’m 21-years-old, I live in Boston, and I am a fat nerd. I recently graduated from college and am excited to be joining the 2FNs team. There are a million reasons why I’m doing this, (to be healthy, to look better in my awesome dresses, to crush Mark in the running challenge, etc.) but my main impetus to joining 2FNs is not only because Jon threatened me, but because it is about time.

I’ll save you the sob story, but I’ve been overweight since I was a kid. In my first year of college I lost a nice freshman forty and had been pretty good at keeping it off until I spent three months in Europe, where I somehow lost even a few more pounds. That was great! Everything was fine until I came back home, became reacquainted with
burritos and my couch, had an awesome summer, and started my last semester of college. In the blink of an eye I’d gained twenty pounds.

And here I am now, freshly graduated, and uncomfortably overweight. I contributed to my first weigh-in Wednesday yesterday and it appears I have work to do. I’m ready to buckle down and start running!