Dealing with injuries is particularly tough when all you want to do is go, go, go. This weekend was pretty nice and relaxing, but it was also helpful because I was able to do some things with Audrey that got me outside. Even though I haven't been able to get running as much as I want to, I've been trying to be somewhat active.

"What!! I thought it was a giant snow cone!"

Yesterday we headed to the park. We got all bundled up, put Audrey in her Cardigan sweater, and drove over there. She absolutely loves the snow. She hops around, all four legs up in the air, bounding through the fields. She will dive her head into the snow to sniff around, and almost every time she is able to pull up a stick to play with. It is a pretty ridiculous sight.

This time of year is definitely a mixed blessing. I'm not a huge fan of the super dry air in our apartment, or the bitter-cold winds, but I am always very happy to go outside and just look around. The snow makes everything fresh and clean. At night, everything is quiet and peaceful, only the dog's feet and my boots on the snow can be heard. There is something very calming when it snows in the city, everything slows down and stops.

It is also nice that I have a gym membership to fall back on, as running outside is going to become more and more challenging as the sheets of ice pile up. I went out for a quick jog this morning but realized quickly that it was A) very, very slippery, and B) my tendonitis issues are not gone or okay to run on yet, despite it feeling about 100 percent better. My plan is to continue having fun with Audrey in the snow and to be active, but to also supplement any way I can in the gym. I think Ellie will probably laugh because she knows how much I detest the gym, but I am going to start going.

Also, this injury thing has gotten me really focused on eating more healthy to supplement my loss of calories burned. I am pretty happy I've been staying around the same weight, and I'm still making (slower but somewhat steady) progress to my goal. Getting my food intake under control has been instrumental in helping me lose some weight.

I wanted to also take time to congratulate Mark at Staufenrunning for completing his personal marathon this weekend. Dude is crazyy. I also wanted to congratulate Amy and Aaron for completing their half-marathon. I am totally jealous and look forward to being able to do those distances!

This may come across as a disjointed post . . . sorry! I just have a lot in my head apparently. Without being able to run, it is all just clogged up in there. =)