Another Wednesday, another Weigh-in!

New Online Portal: 2FNs Workout Portal!

I've been working on getting a little bit of a Workout Portal up and running and it is now online with basic functionality. I encourage everyone to sign up and use it, and please give me feedback. I plan on implementing quite a lot of features, but right now it's still pretty basic. . . . Really it is just a proof-of-concept stage. It may be a little buggy, and if there is anything you notice, please send me an e-mail or post a comment somewhere.



If your values are incorrect please let me know! I tried to compute all the reports I've gotten over the week. =P

The Challenge

All I can say is: holy crap, Mark. That is redonkulus. You literally just beat 10 people's milage over the course of one week. I fear for the safety of your legs.

Map - We just hit the 900km mark! I figured while we were on the East Coast, we should take a swing to Cape Cod, hit up Liam's food stand.