I’ve been trying hard to get into running. Everyone seems to think it’s awesome and it’s the best exercise to really burn fat and lose weight. I’ve been having some trouble finding a way to fit the runs into my schedule because of a few reasons. I work different hours each day, either in the very early morning or starting around two so the timing of my workouts changes each day. I live in the city and don’t always feel comfortable running at night by myself, but then I also sometimes have the problem of running during the day because, as I’m just starting out, I don’t have a great stride and that can be embarrassing (and by “great stride,” I mean I am wheezing and running slower than I normally walk). And even if I did lace up my sneakers and hit the streets in my neighborhood, I just realized the other day that it’s winter and the streets are icy and the sidewalks aren’t clear. Jon, from 2fns would likely call all of these EXCUSES, as he should. But don’t worry, fat nerds, I joined a gym.

I spent three and a half years in college, sitting on top of a gym that I hardly used. I went a lot as a freshman and there was a three-day phase my junior year, but I never used it regularly, and I am now kicking myself for it. The minute I graduate I don’t have the fancy gym below my building, expenses included in the hefty tuition and loans that I am not going to start thinking about for another five months and four days. But, regardless of the coincidence of losing my gym when I decide to start working out, I looked at a few the other day, and you should too.

Winter is a great time to add fitness to your life, but because of the weather, it can be challenging. Looking for a gym, there was just one criterion it needed to fulfill. It had to be so conveniently place that I couldn’t ignore it. It had to be physically in my way so I’d have to pass by it, and if I didn’t have my gym bag in hand, it would be there to mock and motivate me into getting my ass in gear. So I joined a Boston Sports Club that is on my walk home from work.  It is open late enough that I can go regardless of what time I am done with my shift. No more excuses!

If you aren’t ready to commit to working out and putting your health first, you will always find a million reasons why you haven’t started, and that’s OK. What anyone just starting out has to do is look at their reasons and decide if they are more important than being the best and the healthiest version of themselves.