I don't work nine to five, Monday through Friday. I work concierge at a day spa, and while there are a lot of awesome perks to my job (see also free massage), working at 7:30 on Saturday morning doesn't always feel like one. Getting up at 5:30 when it appears that everyone else in the world is asleep can be tiresome, but generally, I love it.

My walk to work is a quick two miles and includes a half-mile bridge that overlooks the entire Boston skyline. Normally I love the walk because I get to listen to a podcast and catch the sun rise peeking through the buildings. The streets are deserted and I seemingly have my city to myself. This morning I noticed something new. People were out running, and speed walking, and there was even a man rowing in the Charles. It was about forty degrees this morning, unseasonably warm, and it was great to see people out enjoying the mild winter. Thinking about it, I'm sure these runners are always out on Saturday mornings but I haven't ever really thought about how incredible it is to see people out exercising during times I've generally reserved for sleep.

These runners were a nice little reminder of the goals I've set since joining the 2FNs community. Sometimes my motivation wavers between reading posts and going to the gym, like when I get home and remember that I have a really comfortable couch, or when I'm sitting at work getting paid to cater to the needs of the entitled. But the inspiration really is everywhere, and seeing people out exercising and enjoying it is awesome encouragement.