Another week, another weigh-in; let's go!


I would like to point out our newest brave soul, Tino. I am excited to watch Tino's progress now that he has agreed to let me harass him on a weekly basis! Let's do it to it!


Very happy with everyone this week. Saw some people get back on the wagon and some pushing themselves further! Keep it up guys!

The Challenge: Results!

With the end of January, so too does this Challenge have to end. Here are the results for this past week!

Totals for the Month of January: Mark 332.81 km, 2FNS 384.72

We managed to hold off Mark and ensure victory! No matter the outcome, I am overall very happy with the result of this. I felt like people were motivated all around to put down more workouts and push themselves further. Big congrats to Mark who, by my account, really is the overall winner due to his ridiculous totals and self-destructive drive to push out even longer runs. Very redonkulus.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the February Challenge!


In total, we ran an additional 172.36 kilometers; so let's see where we end up! We are now at Point I.