So with the overall success of The Challenge last month, I decided that I want to set a new goal for the month of February. This one, however, is not a head-to-head competition like last month, but rather a team challenge to see what we can accomplish together.

The Goal:

This month I would like to do a time-based challenge. Getting out and moving, regardless of how far you can go, is super important for your overall health. What I would like to see is a combined total of 100 hours of cardio workouts logged for the month. That means to hit our goal, we will need to log 25 hours per week of cardio. My feeling is that with the 10+ 2FNs members and Mark, we should be able to accomplish that goal with a bit of dedication and a whole lot of work.

How to Log:

Keeping track of time is a little bit more intensive for me, but I think the two forms of tracking available, on the submissions section of this page as well as at, should be pretty functional for what we need it to do. As always, please make sure to submit before Wednesday morning. Texting me is also acceptable, just make sure to include your times. Also, if you are a first-time submitter, please let me know if you want your data posted, as if I haven't spoken to you personally I try to refrain from posting your results.

This is a pretty ambitious goal, but I really want to see what we are capable of as a group. I tried to calculate out what I thought we could realistically accomplish, and increased that a bit to account for some of our longer distance runners and to push us all a little. Let's see how it goes!