In addition to Jon's February Challenge, I have set some of my own February Goals. I think it's really important to set small, achievable goals. If you say something like, "I want to become a marathon runner," or "I want to lose 50 pounds," you may get discouraged before you hit the mark. I am really interested in not getting discouraged, because I've spent so much time in the past fifteen years falling off the wagon because I felt like I would never reach my goal (and that is sad for an eleven-year-old!). It is important to have an overall goal, something that you're working for all along, but it's necessary to realize you aren't going to get there in one night. Seeing Jon's progress on 2FNs has been great, because the graph will show you he's kept up his momentum for a while, and he is really seeing results. That is really great for a beginner, like myself, to see.

So here it goes. My goal this month is to work up to running a 5k again. A few summers ago Jono had pushed me to get running, and we were running most nights. My first night running, practically ever, I ran a 5k. I was elated. I can still get out and run when other people are pushing me, but of my own accord, it is really difficult. I want to spend this month gradually increasing my distance each week until I can push myself to run a 5k. As for actual numerical weight loss goals, I am not going to set one. I know that if I am working each day at my distance goal, the weight will follow suit! At this point, I am more interested in shaping up my heart with some cardio, and really pushing myself than obsessing over the scale.

I find it really helpful to make a physical outline of the month to show, mathematically, how I am going to get from where I am now, to a point where I have reached my goal. Spreadsheet!

It's all been mapped out, so now I just have to hit the streets! If you have any music to keep me going, I'd love suggestions. I need some upbeat songs to distract me from the voice in my head that starts crying every time I start running.