Last week my siblings registered for the Boston Athletic Associations 5k race. This is the day before the Boston Marathon, on April 15th. It took about three hours before I decided I couldn't let them have all the fun without me. Thus, I am headed to Boston in April for my next 5k.

The cool part of this race is the fact that my family (including myself) will have 5 people running in it. This will be the first official race for two of the people running, Adrienne and Dave, so I am pretty pumped to share that experience with them.

I think the hardest part of this race will be to not party too hard the day beforehand, and more importantly to stick to my strict-ish diet. I plan on flying in on Friday, which leaves Friday night and Saturday to hang out, but I'll need to be careful so that I'll be fresh to run.

Anyway, I think today will be a short post, but I wanted to let everyone know that the race is happening, and 2FNs will be going in strong! I think T-shirts might be in order . . . ? I believe the experience will be well documented, as I am 100 percent sure my parents won't miss the opportunity to flex their fancy camera skills and take massive amounts of in-race photos.

On a side note, take a look at Staufenrunning today, as there is a fantastic guest post by Emily Brown. Well worth the read!