The secret is out. I've been registered (I'd like to say against my will) for the B.A.A. 5k on April 15th. I'm really excited to run my first official race with a team of 2FNS family by my side.

Reading through Dave's post and Jon's post where they talked about the calculations they do while they run made me think about what I think about when I run. I don't think about how far I've gone, I typically think about how miserable I am at that exact moment, how each step is one more that I'd rather just be walking. It's really difficult to keep going when every thought I have is discouraging! I don't know if this problem is just in my head, or if it plagues other beginner runners.

There are a few tactics I've found to help cope with the incessant negativity coming from my own mind. They all come back to distraction. So while Dave and Jon are solving equations, I am forcing myself to think about anything other than the run that I am on. I listen to music that I know so well the lyrics feel a part of me. I think about my to-do list, drafting grocery lists in my mind, and pondering when I'll have the time to clean my bathroom. I think of the blog posts I need to write and the job applications I need to fill out. Sometimes thinking about all of these unfinished tasks makes me anxious and forces me to run a little bit faster, but usually I just feel better having the half and hour or hour to get everything in order.

I've heard that at some point in a running career you will actually start to like running, and I'm looking forward to this phenomenon. I'd like to be one of those people that goes for a run to clear my head and think of nothing, instead of this distraction method I've concocted that tends to make me uneasy. It is a romantic thought: to go for a run and to be in the zone. If anyone has any tips or short-cuts to finding this "zone," I'd love to know.

What really keeps me going is knowing that my family is doing it too, that the 2FNS community is working with same trepidation and through the same troubles that I am. We're all working towards the same goal: to have awesome t-shirts at the B.A.A. 5k.