Today is a special weigh-in as 2FNs has just hit the 100th post. Along with the typical Wednesday statistics, I also wanted to provide some additional information in regards to the growth of the blog.

When Brian and I started this project twenty weeks ago, we jokingly said we were writing to most likely just a few family members. Since then we have been steadily gaining readership. Back in October, the first full month of the blog, we averaged about sixteen views a day. Now we are currently averaging fifty. We've gone from 500 views in October, to 1250 in January. This has meant a lot to us and has really proven to me that the concept behind this blog has motivated or at least sparked some interest in people to get moving.

The number of weekly submitters has also seen a steady increase each and every week, which is the most exciting thing to see growing. With the new tracking system being used more and more, and with the kinks being worked out, more and more statistics are being generated, which has really shown the explosion in activity. I am super excited to see the trends develop, especially as we turn the corner out of winter and into warmer weather.

I  also want to take the time to give a shout out to Amy at Lavender Parking, as she and her husband just finished up another 5k run in which they came in 3rd place! Very awesome!

Now for the main event!



February Challenge:

We are catching up to the goal! With two weeks left in the month, we have 54 percent to go!


This week we made it to NYC! We hit Central Park, saw Mark running around in circles, and kept on going. Next stop: Philly! Keep it up, guys!