Don't worry! I am not headed to the altar and having second thoughts. What I am talking about is really, really cold feet.

Ellie and I have been taking our dog, Audrey, out a few times a week for what is usually a nice two-mile run. Buffalo during the winter has a bad reputation for being so cold and so snowy that anyone who calls it home must be crazy. Honestly, this year hasn't been bad at all.

Ellie all bundled up on our most recent run with Audrey!

We've barely had any snow (much to Ellie and Audrey's dismay), and it has been about 40 degrees all winter long. Very abnormal but pretty nice . . . unless you are an outdoor runner. The real problem that I've found isn't the snow. I've been able to run pretty easily through the snow. No, the real issue is the 40 degree ice slush.

Ice slush is pretty much my arch nemesis this year. Using the Vibram Five Fingers means even less protection from the elements than regular, thick sneakers would provide. Once your foot hits the slushy cold, it is instantly frozen. One thing I did notice, though, is that if you can tolerate the brutal, frostbite feelings for a few minutes of running on a dry surface, your feet are able to warm up and can be good to go again. Let me tell you, though, it takes a whole lot of guts and a bit of recklessness to run through that feeling.

I never thought I'd ever want a slightly more snowy, colder winter. It seems particularly ridiculous coming from someone who exercises outside 100 percent of the time. Having been through this cold-ish, damp winter, I can honestly say that I miss the really cold and dry weather we typically get. And by dry, I mean not ice slush. Stupid ice slush.