Hey everyone! Another Wednesday, another weigh-in! Just some housekeeping notes to start. I want to thank everyone who has made the switch to the tracking website. It's made it a lot easier to gather up the stats this week. Having information in the database has been a huge help. As always, I'm looking for suggestions for improvement, and even more so for bug reports. I have been constantly upgrading and making changes, so things slip through the cracks.

Another note, Season 2 will be ending after three more weigh-ins. I plan on keeping each season to a ten-week period, at which point I'll post group statistics. Keep it up guys!

Now, for the main event!



After talking with a few people, I decided that instead of looking at many weeks at a time in distances, we are now only going to review four-week segments. I felt that with the growing number of people, it was becoming a little bit convoluted with the amount of data we have available. As always, I want to constantly refine and figure out better ways to track our success. So, here we go!

February Challenge

I am extremely impressed with our progress last week. Many people really came through hugely and completely elevated our game. With a bit of hard work this week we should be able to obliterate our goal for February. I am super stoked about this, because in all honesty it was a pretty ambitious goal!

Map : Hello DC! We quickly made it to DC this week after a monster turn out all around. I am super excited about how fast we are crossing around the East Coast. Today we have logged a total of 1692 kilometers! I am taking suggestions for where we should head to next; leave a comment!