I've finally done it. I've found a routine that is working for me. Since the beginning of the second season of 2FNs, I have been struggling to make my good intentions in regards to health and fitness tangible, active plans. I have gone on short runs sporadically, but they are usually sandwiched between, well, sandwiches. Being incredibly busy at work and adjusting to a new life post-graduation has left me with running and making healthy choices at the bottom of my priority list.

Until now.

Last weekend I was home in Albany with both Jon and Dave, who were disappointed in me for all of the lies I've been telling since starting with 2FNs. Good intentioned lies, but lies nonetheless. They were even more upset when I refused to run with them, despite the sneakers I carried in my backpack from Boston. Their judgmental gaze was enough to get me to the gym down the street from work, to sign the contract, and to get going. I signed up on Wednesday and although it's only been three days, I can see this really working for me.

Workouts = Guilt Free Queso!

I went for an hour yesterday before my workday and it put me in the greatest of moods. I had an awesome day taking care of people at the Spa where I work, but the best part of it all was when my shift ended at 8:30 and I wasn't faced with the wall of guilt for not having worked out. I didn't even feel bad when I went out with friends last night and drank margaritas and ate queso (although that was probably not the best choice).

Going to the gym has all of a sudden become what I look forward to in my day. Sitting at work I think about how great I'm going to feel when I leave the Boston Sports Club and walk home. I'm excited to see my times and distance increase on the elliptical and on the treadmill, and I'm excited to be training for my first ever 5k. This awesome feeling and anticipation for my upcoming race is so much better than watching everyone else lose weight and feel great.

Thanks everyone, for putting up with my slow start. Let's get going!