Hey everyone! Another Wednesday is here, which means another Weigh-In! Also, the conclusion to the February Challenge is revealed!


Just one comment on the weight graph this week: I want to comment on how impressed I've been with Dollard's ability to maintain a healthy weight. Often it is very difficult once you have lost a lot of weight to keep it off. I myself have been through the down-and-up cycle, and I just wanted to shout out to him to keep it up.


I am super impressed with how people really stepped it up this week. Adrienne exploded onto the scene, going from an average of 4km per week to doing over 23 kilometers this past week. Awesome! Another worthy person to note is Tim, who upped his game and hit the 30 kilometer mark! Keep it up, guys; super impressive.

February Challenge

With the close of February, I can honestly say this has been a very fun challenge to watch from week to week. I was extremely nervous after the first week that I had set a bit of an ambitious goal for the group, but everyone really came on very strong over the past couple weeks, notably Susan, Dave, Mike, and Mom. I am extremely happy with how everyone preformed. So with that, the results!

We demolished our goal of 100 hours for February! In total, we logged  117.8 hours, or 7068 cardio minutes. That exceeded my wildest expectations, and I am super stoked that we were able to not just accomplish what I felt was a very lofty goal, but we also did it after being behind the first two weeks. I am super, super stoked.

Calendar View

I wanted to take the time to point out one of the newest features of the online tracking system. The group- and personal-calendar views. The group view, found here, is a really cool way to see all workouts logged by the 2FNS community. It is updated in real-time as people enter their logins. I am especially intrigued to see the patterns develop as more and more data arrive. For instance, it is pretty evident that people really don't like to workout on Fridays. Check it out, and feel free to ask me questions and e-mail me issues with the system. I am actively working on making it better, and hopefully more bug free, in the coming weeks ahead.

Another cool feature in the private section of the site is the personal-calendar view. I have found it exceedingly helpful to be able to view my workout and weigh-in calendar to see on which days I have been struggling to get going. It looks like I typically take Mondays off, using it as my recovery day. It is a pretty cool tool, and I hope you guys can find uses for it. I plan on making it much more functional, too.


Now for one of my favorite parts of Wednesdays: the map. I am always very excited to see where we will be able to end up every week, because honestly I didn't think we would be able to cover as much distance as we do. So here it is; this week we covered 204 kilometers!