So, I've been going to the gym for the past two weeks. It's been great. I watch TV and hang out on the elliptical for an hour. The other day I watched a show on the Science channel about a construction project in Peru. They are building a dam to build a reservoir and a tunnel under the Andes Mountains to channel water from the flooding East to the desert West. It was fascinating. The other morning I was watching Hoda and Kathie Lee and at one point

Om nom nom

they said, "and if you're on your couch right now, and we know you are." I was so psyched because I was NOT sitting on my couch. I was coming up on my fourth mile. It's been awesome...

...until this past Weigh-In Wednesday. I stood on my scale at 6:30 in the morning and I was a whopping six pounds heavier. I panicked. I didn't understand. I had worked my butt off, only to have my butt become more apparent.

Talking to Jon later in the day he mentioned something that I tend to block out and completely ignore. My diet. I love food. I love going out to eat with friends. I love cooking big meals with my roommates. Jon asked me what I had eaten the night before my weigh-in. I couldn't run away fast enough(probably due to the food baby). I guess he wasn't looking for "a platter of nachos and a fishbowl full of sugar and alcohol" to be on my pre-weigh-in diet log. By Wednesday afternoon I had leveled out to being about two pounds heavier, which is still disappointing, but at least it makes sense.

Adding to my list of March goals will be a concentration on my diet. I will have to say goodbye to late night binging and meals of fried stuffed carbs. I'll keep ya'll posted on my success.