Hello everyone! As some of you may know I am out in San Diego for work, thus the delayed posts. This weeks weigh in was a little harder as I am not at my main work station, so I had to scrape together everything remotely.. I apologize for any inaccuracies! Also note that the graphs may or may not work as well as I would like, as I'm using a different version of excel then I typically use.

Overall I think this was a decent week. I think we saw a few people make some good strides, while a few others had quite a bit going on and weren't able to get much done. I look forward to everyone getting going this coming week!


Google Docs is win!

Huge congrats to Adrienne who followed through and lost a few pounds. That is super exciting to see! Keep it up and more will come!

2fns a more traditional pdf graph... stupid excel


Please note this scale is logarithmic, thus I can graph everyone on the same axis. Congrats to Mark and Amy for putting in some good miles!

Goal Updates

As per the March personal challenge, I would love to hear from everyone about how their personal goals are going.

Jon: My goal was to increase my pace, and lose some weight. I am sad to report I haven't made much progress due to being out-of-town.. this coming week I'll get back on track!


We added another 206 kilometers to our total, and are now in North Carolina! This is now our eight state!