Ellie running stairs on our inaugural Merrel Road Glove run. That is a lot of stairs!

The day after our amazing experiences exploring the California countryside, Ellie and I decided that renting a car really opens up the opportunities that we could have. I may have had a not-so-secret motivation for my desire to get a car as well, as I knew there was an REI store up north of San Diego. It is one of the few in-store carriers of the new Merrell Road Glove, and I've been dying to get my hands on a pair. I can say, after running a few miles in them on Sunday, I am thoroughly happy with the purchase. I've worn them now for many walking miles and they also make a great all-around minimalist option, especially when your wife doesn't like you going out in Vibram Five Fingers.

After REI we headed to one of the most beautiful places I've been in my life: La Jolla (pronounced "la HOY-ya" . . . not phonetically, like we'd been saying it). It is a little beach-and-art town on the cliffs overlooking a peaceful cove. It was full of shops, restaurants, and beautifully scenic lookouts over the ocean. It was well worth the trip to see all the seals resting on the rocks and a collection of Andy Warhols in a local gallery. I was also very happy to walk around the hilly landscapes in my new shoes—it felt pretty great to not be in flip flops on extremely slopped streets!

Me overlooking the ocean

After La Jolla, we headed down to Pacific Beach, which was a ton of fun. I can only imagine how crazy the nightlife can get there. And, in true Bard fashion, we sat and watched the sun set, mainly to get a picture for my Dad, as he would have been ashamed if I didn't get at least one!

Overall, this trip has been pretty amazing and a whole ton of fun. I've seen a lot of new things and learned a bit about myself in the process, too. I hope you guys enjoyed the posts and pictures from San Diego!

Chilling at the pool . . . gonna miss this!