Buffalo isn't typically known for high 60 to 70 degree temperatures and beautiful sunshine during this time of year. Usually it is 30-40 and rainy/snowing. Yesterday I took full advantage of this change in climatic zoning, throwing on a pair of shorts and only a t-shirt and happily headed out for a run. Honestly it was just like running in San Diego, only actually slightly warmer.

I noticed something though, there is deffinately a difference between running in the bitter cold and snow, and running in good weather. It is pretty obvious, but I still think its worth commenting on. It is just generally more pleasant all around. The streets were alive with activity, with runners and cyclists and skaters. There were people walking their dogs, couples strolling down to the local resturants, and a ton of people sitting down by the lake. It really was just a happy feeling.

First flowers of Spring, courtesy of my Dad

There is always a few winter warriors who brave the cold to get their outside workouts in. I personally love to be outside in the winter as it keeps me from getting overwhelmed from being lodged up. The thing about those workouts though is it is very solitary. Usually you see only a few people, struggling to get their dogs to do their business as quick as possible before running back inside. The amount of energy bursting at the seams is overwhelming in the Spring. I love going to the park just to see so many people speed walking, running, and just trying to get back into the swing of things. I assume to get their beach body back in time for the first day at the pool, by whatever the reason they are out doing it!

I know that we will have a few more days of poor, chilly weather but I am now super excited for the spring and summer. Buffalo has some of the best summer weather of anywhere I've ever been. It is not too hot, almost always a pleasent breeze, and every night and weekend there seems to be an art festival, food festival, or free concert to attend. If anyone wants to visit, do it over the next four months!

My take home message from last nights run: Take advantage of the early days of Spring, you might just be able to capture the energy of life streaming back into the cities and use it to propel you forward.