Yesterday marked  one month to go until the 2FNs extravaganza that is the B.A.A 5K! I have been looking forward to it since  I heard my siblings were all going to register for it, and now that it is getting closer my excitement is only increasing!

Though I routinely run 5 kilometer distances now and have an official 5k road race under my belt, the B.A.A 5k will present two unique dynamics that I haven't experienced. The first being the vast increase in runners that I will be running with. The first race I did back in December had only about 700 people, while this upcoming race has almost 10x more people! The race was capped at 6,000 runners, and at this point in time will be more runners than I've ever had to run with.

The other interesting dynamic to throw a twist into this is the travel leading up to the race. Due to the dramatic increase in airline prices as what I assume is the result of the Boston Marathon, I will be making the trip via a 7 - 8 hour car ride. It will be interesting to see how fresh I will feel after that type of drive.

Overall, I am super excited to have the opportunity to run in a large race with my family, and I hope everyone is getting their last-minute training in. As a reminder, I recommend taking it easy a few days before the race day!

Most importantly, Who wants T-Shirts?!