Hey everyone, another Wednesday is here so, as per usual, another weigh-in! Let's dive right in:




Some of you may have noticed that I discontinued the use of the season notation; it was getting kind of convoluted in book keeping, and honestly I started to prefer actual dates. It just makes looking back to figure out what was going on during a particular stretch of time easier to figure out when it actually happened.

Overall, I think this month we have been dragging a bit as a whole, which is okay! April will be a big month and we will all get back on track once we are used to the nice weather.


This week we add another 184 kilometers to our trek. We landed just outside of Spartanburg, South Carolina, which is the largest city and the county seat of Spartanburg County, SC.  "The Hub City," as it is called, is home to the NCAA Southern Conference Headquarters and has a metro population of 284,000 people.