So, I talked a little bit about the new shoes I got, the Merrell Road Glove, and I've worn them every day since I picked them up. Not really for running but more for everyday use because I couldn't stand wearing my traditionally heeled work shoes any longer. I've worn them at work every day, as they fit in alright with our casual-attire environment. I did take them on one longer run though, which resulted in one major thing . . . a MAJOR blister . . . If you are squeamish, don't look at the picture . . . but it's probably too late!

Yeah, this one hurts a bit

So, needless to say, that blister really does hurt. I wanted to take the time to just go over the basics of blister management for all you new runners (and even the vets!), who inevitably will get a blister from time to time.

The Cause

The cause of most blisters is the result of the friction of your skin against another material. In technical terms, it is excess shear stress between skin and body. My blister above was the result of running with new shoes and socks. I don't typically wear socks because I use minimalist shoes, but for whatever brilliant reason, I threw on a pair. Thus, a nice blister to take home to show my wife.

Anyway, a blister is actually your body's way of protecting that region of your body from infection. The blister is filled with sterile  serum that acts almost like an air bag to protect the skin from further irritation.

The Treatment

Dealing with blisters really depends on the severity of the blister, though, for the most part and in general, try not to pop it. The blister and the liquid contained therein help promote healthy regrowth of the skin below. If it does pop, make sure to clean the area and apply a bandage with antibiotic cream to protect yourself from infection. Also, if possible, refraining from the activity that gave you the blister is suggested . . . though that's somewhat annoying for runners.

Really this is just a basic suggestion from my own personal experience. Do you guys have any home remedies that help treat your blisters? If so, I'd love to hear about it.