Looking back at the past month, it is pretty easy to see a decline in my activity level. I went from running a minimum of four times a week down to at most three and recently, only two. I think it was easy for me to blame my travelling, which took up a week and a half of that period. Since being back and getting settled, I haven't exactly sprung back into action.

It is really hard to keep going; there are plenty of distractions that make it easy to blame something other than myself. Just look at this past weekend. On Friday, I actually had to call in to work in order to look after Audrey, who reacted negatively to one of her postsurgery meds. I took the opportunity to get a brew done, which took about four hours when all was said and done, but instead of then going out for an evening run, I just settled into playing computer games.

On Saturday I was just as lazy, playing games and taking it easy. On Sunday we did a massive amount of laundry, like seriously, a massive amount of laundry. We found clothes that we haven't seen since November. Massive, 50 dollars worth of laundry.

There always seems to be a distraction that gets in the way, or at least I have been letting it get in the way. The biggest distraction being WoW, and my other gaming/online addictions (after all, I am a fat nerd!). I struggle with limiting my time in-game, taking care of everything I need to take care of before I log in. It is just way easier to sit down to play and drink some beer compared to heading out for a good run.

I know what I have to do to get back on track, and I am planning a pretty good April challenge to get everyone back moving toward more fun goals. I think the idea of setting personal goals is great, but it is very easy to cheat or just let it slide. With the race coming up in a few weeks, and more long-term ambitions starting to form (maybe the B.A.A Half in the Fall?!), not to mention beach season coming up, which means I definitely want to lose some more weight, it is time to get my act together.

Does anyone have any things they do to stay on track when they are in a rut? Are there ways to trick yourself into getting that initial push back into it?