Yesterday, Buffalo returned to normalcy. It was pretty friggin' cold and windy. Ellie and I were itching to run last night, so we strapped on our shoes and got Audrey ready to go. As soon as we stepped outside, I knew it was going to be a chilly endeavor.

It was a pretty good treat to walk around and run in 60 to 70 degree weather for nearly three weeks. Being in San Diego and then coming home to beautiful weather was something I hadn't really anticipated. It was so refreshing to just put on a light jacket and be able to take the dog out at any time of day without being numb within seconds. It also really made me realize how much happier I am when the sun is blazing overhead.

Last night's run also made me appreciate how mild of a winter we really did have. To put it into perspective, we have gotten 35.1 inches of snow this year. On average at the end of the year, we are supposed to have 94.7 inches of snow. That's basically one-third of what we typically get. 2FNs really got started heading into the winter months, which normally would have been an almost assured reason to fail. We didn't, though, and the weather had a lot to do with it. A lot of people typically hibernate in the winter, cozying up and staying warm by their fireplaces . . . Sounds nice, actually, heh. Anyway, the return to cooler, seasonally appropriate temperatures really made me appreciate the winter we did have. It let us get going and get outside in the Northeast when really it could have just as easily shut us down.

I am going to try and be happy with the cooler temperatures while they are here, and enjoy each season as they come. After all, Mother Nature was kind enough to let us get going the past six months, so I think we can let her take a break for another few weeks without too much complaint. Oh, and before I forget, Boomdays is coming! Check it out!!!