Hello everyone, and Happy April! It is that time again, so let's get into it!


Do you want to start tracking your weight? Contact Jon for details!


Big congratulations to Tim and Amy, who really threw it down last week. Fantastic job, guys. Also to Dollard for getting it going, too! It is going to make for a very awesome month with everyone firing up.

Great job Amy, Tim and Brian for posting great numbers; very awesome, guys!

April Challenge

I wanted to point back to yesterdays post, just so everyone could read it if they missed it. Today starts the initial benchmark week, so let's set the bar high for the other teams! Do it up, guys; I am super excited to see what we end up with.

  • Team Alpha: Tino, Jono, Ellie, Amy, Kory, Terry, Adrienne, & Mom
  • Team Omega: Pat, Mike, Susan, Tim, Brindy, Brian, Aidan, & Dave
  • Team Mark: Mark

Week 1: Setting the Bar

  • Team Alpha will be striving for a distance goal. Their goal is to log as many kilometers of cardio workouts as possible.
  • Team Omega will be striving for a duration goal. Their goal is to log as many minutes of cardio workouts as possible.
  • Team Mark: Rest your legs, because you are going to have to beat both of those benchmarks next week!
NOTE: For everyone running the B.A.A 5k, please don't over do it before the race. I want everyone to be happy and feeling good for that. Just encourage your teammates who aren't running the race to do more!