The B.A.A 5K is less than one week away! I am getting pretty pumped for it. I wanted to take just a quick minute today present two things, first a music video:

Second, the idea of tapering. Basically, tapering is a strategy to get in some good rest days before the event. The idea is to maximize your body's potential leading up to the race by letting it recover from all of your previous workouts in the days before the run.

I really want to encourage all of you who are running the 5k race to make sure to rest up. I know with the April Challenge people are ready to go, but I think it's important to feel your best come race day. Try to take it easy this week, especially from Thursday onward, where I would recommend just chilling out and taking a few days off.

More important, Happy Dyngus Day! Go whap your loved one with a pussy willow!